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Vatican II
Margaret Lavin

A straightforward and concise discussion of Vatican II and how its teachings have shaped Catholic Church practices over the past 50 years.


Fifty years after the start of the Second Vatican Council, the Catholic Church continues to struggle with the changes the council unleashed. Vernacular masses, dialogues with other faiths, new roles for the laity, and a revolution in how we understand Church –all of these issues continue to spark debate and provoke heart-felt reactions among the faithful.


As time passes, we need to stop and look back at what was written during the Council and how we are living it today. This book presents Council documents in an accessible and concise way, exploring how they have played out over the following decades.


In a fair and even-handed manner, Lavin explores the reforms flowing from Vatican II and how they have been received. Each chapter focuses on a document that emerged from Vatican II and examines a ‘disputed issue’ to spark discussion and debate.

Vatican II
Publication Date : 2012-05-31

Print Edition

ISBN : 9782896463299

Format : Paperback

Number of pages : 208

Our Price :

Digital edition

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Margaret Lavin
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Margaret Lavin
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