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Letters of Paul
A Pastor's Journal

Martin Sheen

Rose Pacatte

An insightful look into outspoken author and Catholic. 

A devout Roman Catholic, Martin Sheen has been an outspoken activist against war and the exploitation of foreign workers. From helping the environment to supporting youth empowerment, Sheen has been protesting and advocating all his life.


The Unquiet Monk

Michael W. Higgins

An in-depth look at the cultural impact of one of Catholicism's greatest spiritual writers.

Absorbing and reflective, Higgin's book travels through the solitary, passionate and brilliant mind of one of the 20th Century's greatest Catholic thinkers.


Have the Courage to Be Happy

Marco Pappalardo

An optimistic and enthusiastic vision of the Church’s future.

Based on his speech to the youth assembled in the square, Have the Courage to Be Happy is a handbook for teens and pre-teens. Space is left at the end of each chapter for readers to write their own thoughts.


The 10 Commandments for Everyday Life

Max Oliva, S.J.

Live the Ten Commandments in your own life with this guide.

This book adapts the Ten Commandments for modern use, turning advice like “Thou shalt not kill” into “Respect all human life.” The Ten Commandments for Everyday Life is both perceptive and levelheaded, a book for all audiences in all walks of life.


Getting to Know the Letters of Paul

Fr. Scott Lewis

Insightful and engaging explorations of the Letters of Paul by Fr. Scott Lewis.

Learn more about the the Letters of Paul through colourful descriptions and engaging commentary.